BERKEBILE PFC 1 gallon PFC, One undercoating gun with bottle

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The unique lanolin (Wool Wax) based formula of Protection First Class gives long lasting protection from rust and corrosion by covering the metal with a clear wax film that will not wash off, collect dust, or dry out like oil, silicone and solvent based products.

  • Long Lasting Protection
  • Solvent-Free Protection
  • Long Term Lubrication
  • Frees Rusted Bolts and Parts
  • Wool Wax (Lanolin) Based
  • Thousands of Uses

The unique formula penetrates the pores of the metal, protecting from moisture, salt, and corrosion. Excellent vehicle undercoating. Use anywhere that you want long lasting lubrication and rust protection that will not dry out, freeze, or wash off. Will not harm paint, synthetic rubber, or plastic. Also great for long lasting, tack free lubrication. Will also work as a penetrating oil to penetrate metal and free rusted nuts, bolts, and parts.