CNC 425 1/4" Copper Nickel Brake Line 5 Pack Easy Bend Easy Flare 25Ft Roll

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5 pack CNC425 1/4''   5 - 25'FT rolls Copper Nickel brake line . You can easily bend this by hand and flaring your ends is a snap. The 10% Nickel composition ensures that this line will never rust or lose its finish. This brake line can be used with any vehicle and is rated to be up to OEM standards. The seamless design adds to the reliability of the product. 


  • • NiCopp® Does Not Rust or Corrode
    • DOT Approved for Hydraulic Brake Systems
    • Bends 58% Easier than Steel Tubing

NiCopp® lines and tubing meet the following specifications:
ISO 4038
DIN 74234