1 GALLON KIT Finish 1 Clear Coat Finish1 FC740 and FH742

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You will receive 1 gal of FC740 and 1 qt of FH742  Any questions please e-mail or call Cliffs Auto Parts at 1-800-287-6152 . 8 AM TO 6 PM  Monday - Friday  Saturday 9 AM TO 4 PM  Cliffs Auto Parts 4727 Conowingo RD Darlington MD 21034 . Shipping is in continental US
1.Apply 2 coats. 2.Allow flashing to hand-slick between coats. A wet-on-wet “limited flash” application
can be used allowing a 2-5 minute flash between coats. 3. Adjust air pressure to: HVLP 8 - 10 psi
Conventional 50 - 60 psi RECOAT Basecoat: 10-15 minutes
Single-Stage Enamels: 4 hours to overnight dry
Clearcoat: Allow FC740 clearcoat to dry overnight, then scuff with 1000 grit and reapply clearcoat
DRYING Air Dry Times at 70°F FH741 FH742
Dust Free: 15 minutes 45 - 60 minutes
To Deliver: 3 hours 8 hours
Force Dry: N/A 30 minutes @140-145°F surface temperature
If necessary, after 24 hours air dry*, or cool down from force dry, sand with 1500 or finer grit paper and buff with the appropriate compound. Buffing is easiest when done within the first 48 hours following application.
*When used with FH741Hardener, FC740 Clearcoat can be buffed in as little as 1 hour.
Pot Life: 1 hour at 75°F
VOC Ready to Spray < 2.1 lbs/gal
FC740 Clearcoat + 1 FH742 Hardener
Hardener Selection Chart
FH741 55°-80°F*
FH742 75°- 90°F