Finsh 1 2 K HS Urethane Primer KIT High Build DTM Prime FP415 Gal FH416Q

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FP415 is a premium two-component primer surfacer DTM designed for high build and excellent filling of repairs. It provides excellent adhesion and gloss / color holdout. FP415 sands easily without clogging the sandpaper, while providing excellent resistance to sand scratch swelling.
  • 1 Gallon
  • FP415 is a two component, low VOC primer surfacer. This primer offers a high film build,    excellent gloss holdout, and excellent sanding characteristics.

    mix 4:1 with hardener FH415G  And FH416Q Made in the USA
  • For complete refinishing of larger bare metal areas, it is recommended to use an etch primer to ensure complete corrosion protection.
  • Treated Aluminum
  • Fiberglass/SMC
  • OEM Finishes
  • Refinish Lacquers, Enamels, and Urethanes
  • Etching Primers
  • Adjust air pressure to: 30-40 psi for siphon feed gun, 20-30 psi for gravity feed gun, 30-40 psi for pressure feed gun with 5-10 psi pot pressure, 5-7 psi at the cap for HVLP gun
  • Apply 2-3 medium coats, ata a gun distance of 5"-7", with 5-10 minutes flash time between coats
  • Recommended dry film thickness after sanding is 2.0-2.5 mils.
  • Maximum dry film thickness is 6 mils after sanding
  • Clean spray gun with an appropriate gun cleaner, immediately after use
  • Air Dry: 1.5-3 hours @ 70°F
  • Force Dry: 30 minutes @ 140°
  • Short Wave Infrared: 15 minutes on high setting @ 24" inches distance - Purge for 10 minutes before using short wave infrared
  • To sand: 2 hours for air dry, and upon cool down for force dry and short wave infrared.
Final Sanding:
  • To seal - P400
  • To topcoat - P600
You will receive 1 gal of FP415 and 1 qt of FH416  Any questions please e-mail or call Cliffs Auto Parts at 1-800-287-6152 . 8 AM TO 6 PM  Monday - Friday  Saturday 9 AM TO 4 PM  Cliffs Auto Parts 4727 Conowingo RD Darlington MD 21034 . Shipping is in continental US