1 Quart KIT Finish 1 Satin Clear Coat Finish1 FC750 and FH741 1/2 pt

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You will receive 1 QT of FC750 and 1 1/2pt of FH741  Any questions please e-mail or call Cliffs Auto Parts at 1-800-287-6152 . 8 AM TO 6 PM  Monday - Friday  Saturday 9 AM TO 4 PM  Cliffs Auto Parts 4727 Conowingo RD Darlington MD 21034 . Shipping is in continental US
 Finish 1 2.1 VOC Satin Clearcoat is a high solids urethane satin clearcoat designed for air dry and force dry environments. FC750 meets stringent VOC regulations at 2.1 VOC, while providing an even satin, reduced gloss appearance as found on custom hot rods and OEM satin finishes.

Product Features

Hardener Selection Chart
 FH741 55°-75°F
 FH742 75°- 90°F
 FH743 90°F and above
  • Consistent satin finish
  • Easy to apply
  • Ideal for OEM and custom applications
  • 4:1 mix ratio